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Lunch at Harry's Hofbrau--Redwood City on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. No host.
Electronics Flea Market - 2014 Schedule
Saturday Mar.8 Flea Market - Hosted by Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System.
First Flea Market for 2014!

CARC members will be going to the flea market! See the Communicator and
e-mails for additional details!

Saturday Apr.12 Flea Market - Hosted by West Valley Amateur Radio Association.
Saturday May10 Flea Market - Hosted by Silicon Valley Chapter, American Red Cross.
Saturday June14 Flea Market - Hosted by Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association.
Saturday July12 Flea Market - Hosted by South Peninsula Amateur Radio Klub.
Saturday Aug.9 Flea Market - Hosted by Santa Clara County Amateur Radio Association
Saturday Sep.13 Flea Market - Hosted by Southern Peninsula Emergency Communications System.
Last Flea Market for 2014?
Saturday Oct.11 Flea Market - Hosted by Foothills Amateur Radio Society. TENTATIVE