CARC's Privacy Policy


Most organizations these days are required by State, Federal and International Laws to present their privacy policy on their Website. Since we are not a commercial business enterprise but only an interest based club, we expect the regulations to be less rigorous.

1. What Personal Information Do We Collect?

We collect your Name, Address, Callsign(if Licensed), Mailing Address, Home Landline and Cellphone contact numbers, Your Class of License, When Licensed, Your membership in various Ham Radio organizations such as ARRL, ARES, RACES and CERT, We also collect your email address and your Packet Address(if you have one). If you renew your membership With PayPal, PayPal will collect your payment information. Please refer to PayPal's Privacy Statement for that.

2. Is your Personal Information Shared With Others

We do not share your membership with any other organization.

3. How do we protect the Confidentiality, Security and Integrity of Personal Information

Your information is maintained by the Board of Directors.

4. Changes to CARC Privacy Statement

CARC's Board of Directors may change this Privacy Policy at any time as needed to comply with regulations.

5. Membership Fee Disputes

In the event of a dispute involving the collection of dues by CARC using PayPal or any other means of collection, please contact a club officer via our contact at

6. Questions or Suggestions

Forward any questions to